Sunday, December 22, 2013



Find a comfortable position, with your spine straight and erect.

Center.  Close your eyes.

Place your hands comfortably in your lap or one atop each knee.

(pause for 10 seconds)

In the first instance, concentrate on your breathing.
Breathe in slowly for the count of 4 …
Breathe out slowly for the count of 4 ….

Breathe in … 2 … 3 … 4 …
Breathe out … 2 … 3 … 4 …

And again …
Breathe in … 2 … 3 … 4 …
Breathe out … 2 … 3 … 4 …

Relax …
Keeping your breathing slow
And rhythmic.

(pause for 10 seconds)

Allow your concentration to go to the
Crown of your head …

Sense your scalp.

(pause for 5 seconds)

You may have a feeling of warmth,
Or a tingling sensation.

(pause for 5 seconds)

Allow this feeling to descend
Throughout your body …

And as it does,
Feel your muscles relax:

Feel your face muscles relax.
Your jaw may drop open slightly …
That is good.

Look into the deep blackness
On the back of your eyelids …
And know this is a good feeling:
Safe, secure, warm.

(pause for 10 seconds)

Allow your thoughts to be guided by
My voice
And let all other thoughts go.

Keep your breathing
Deep and

(pause for 10 seconds)

Allow the feeling of relaxation to continue to descend:

Sense your throat area
And feel the muscles of your neck

(pause for 10 seconds)

In your mind’s eye,
Illuminate your entire neck area
In a glowing luminescent
Royal blue sphere of light …
And imagine this sphere contracting
Into your neck …
Knowing this is a good feeling.

(pause for 10 seconds)

Allow your awareness to descend …
To …
Your shoulders …
Feel relaxation melt into them …

Straighten your spine …

Feel a pillar of brilliant white light
Pour down …
From above your head …
Through your crown …
And swell into a glowing orb …
Giving you the sensation of expansion
In your entire chest
And torso.

(pause for 10 seconds)

In your mind’s eye,
Picture a spinning emerald green sphere …
In the center of this orb,
In the region of your heart.

Immerse yourself in this feeling
For a few moments …
Knowing this to be a good feeling.

Keep your breathing slow and rhythmic ….

(pause for 30 seconds)

Feel your lower body,
Your abdomen,
Your hips,
Your upper legs,
Your knees,
Your calves,
Your ankles,
And your feet …
All relaxing …
As this white pillar of Light and relaxation
Descends down through your lower body
Continuing on …
Deep into the heart of Mother Earth.

Feel the surge as the Light flows through you.

(pause for 10 seconds)

Imagine … drawing this Light back up through the Earth …
Through the magma … and the crust …
Back into your body … to meet with the
Spinning green sphere in the center of your chest.

Allow this Light
To radiate out from your being
Into the surrounding area …
Knowing this, too, is a good feeling.

(pause for 30 seconds)

Now …
Gently open your eyes …
Keeping the good feelings
You have created
With you …


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