Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Jennifer Hoffman: "Are We Wasting Our Time?"

A few months ago I decided that it was time to make my move away from here so I put my home on the market. Within two days I had a serious buyer. The day before they were coming over to sign the contract I was hospitalized. Then I was too sick to move so I had to stop the sale. I wondered why the sale fell through, since everything flowed so well and I was so sure the time was right.

After all, I was completely ready to let go of my home and had made the decision to move. Was this just a waste of time? Did I do something wrong? It’s easy to feel that way when results don’t seem to flow as we think they should and it isn’t about time now, it’s about the movement of energy in the best, most fulfilling and wonderful way, from intention to outcome in an effortless flow of timing.

Is it possible to ‘waste time’, to put our focus, energy, and intention towards the wrong outcome or towards one that doesn’t manifest as we think it should, could or would? How can we know we’re using our power in the right way if we can’t be sure of the outcome? How long do we wait for it and how much is too long, or not long enough? Is it a waste of time to even go there? I find it interesting that we think we have wasted time when things don’t work out as we think they will or should. But if they do, then we think that our time was well spent. The difference is between time and timing.

We measure the flow of energy in 3D space by how long things take to happen but outside of 3D, time doesn’t exist that way. What seems to take hours, days, weeks or months is actually a matter of energy lining up so we get into the flow of the best, most wonderful outcome which is fully aligned with us and our intention. And when those two aren’t lined up, we start feeling the passage of time.

If we want to create an outcome we aren’t aligned with the flow of energy stops because there is nothing for it to flow into. That’s when outcomes start to fall apart, not because we’re wrong or we’re wasting our time, but because we have unconsciously created a misalignment that we need to fix before our perfect outcome can be created.

We cannot waste time because it’s a single use entity. The energy we expend in one area follows a purpose and once we change that purpose, we will use energy in a different way. Since we don’t ‘see’ another way until we figure out that the path we’re on isn’t working (or it is taking too much time), the idea of wasting time is simply a negative judgment of ourselves.

If we set strong intentions and use our discernment, instead of our judgment, time becomes our friend, and not our enemy. With this perspective we see how we use time to either embrace or resist change, to sabotage or promote our intentions, to motivate or limit ourselves. We can’t waste time but we can use time in ways that can show us where we are afraid and in doubt. Then we can change our perspective to embrace the timing of events and see how to turn time into timing as we align with our intention and most desired outcomes.

Do you think you are wasting time in your life? What outcomes are you trying to prevent or delay from happening? What steps forward are you hesitating in taking? What do you wish would happen instead? Are you hoping to be rescued, that someone will step up and do something for you that you do not want to do for yourself? Are you willing to see and to know yourself as powerful, limitless and in control of every aspect of your life?

That’s a big responsibility which is what we’re all facing now, the knowing that we are in control of ourselves, our lives, our reality and the world at large if we just step out of the limitations of time and into the expansive space of our boundary-less universe and its divine timing.

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