Monday, October 21, 2013

A Lunar Eclipse in Aries

A Lunar eclipse is like three full moons all rolled into one. They often bring changes and closure. This may occur on the date or one month either side of the date. This eclipse occurs on the 18th in the northern hemisphere and the 19th in the southern hemisphere. I can't see your astrology chart but it will be strongly influenced by the house where that full moon resides.

Mercury turns retrograde - yes again on the 21st in Scorpio. It turns direct on 11th November. The shadow will remain in play until 20th November. Projects begun before Oct 6th will be fine, but do be sure to doubly check the fine print if signing contracts. Otherwise not a good time to begin a new business venture or job. The exception is if you are returning to an old boss or position.

So a great time to look within and to begin to tweak and change what you feel is right for you. This Scorpio energy will help you.

What better time to truly begin living in soul Light.

This means living in Light 24/7, through all the challenges of our daily lives. So now it's not just about experiencing Light energy in a meditative state. It's time to practice, and to get used to feeling your Light within a lot more. We need to be ready to protect and lead ourselves through the turbulent times of change all around us. Even Mother Earth is changing - have you noticed? Through the turmoil of 2013 we find our true soul Light - our salvation, our way forward.
Julius has come forward once more with this teaching to explain further and has channelled the meditation - to practice, to adjust and be ready.

There's been much talk of a new Earth, but it's up to each one of us to begin within and to create it. So, no shirking and no excuses allowed. We must begin a new path forward now. This is the responsibility of each one of us but we are not alone. We are blessed to have wise ones like Koot Hoomi and Julius and many others to light the way. So please excuse the pun, but just follow the Light. 

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