Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Take pause in that moment between reaction and action. Know that in all that you do, you have the power to transform the energy of this moment. Find a way to manifest this each day. In doing so, you shall empower all.

So often our mindset is that we must 'control' violence, that we must set out to ensure that violence has no way of inserting itself onto the path we walk each day. And, with respect to our children, we instinctively build fortresses to shield them from harm and injury. But, in doing so, aren't we instilling an attitude of continuous fear? Why not increase positive interaction to minimize development of a violent situation? Environment matters: if it looks and feels like a prison, then that's what it is. Let's lessen the antagonism with Mindful Compassion, eliminate the need for "control" and reclaim the peace in our communities.

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