Friday, November 2, 2012

Crisis, Stress and Dealing With Extreme Change

The Halau at 'Aha Hui Lanakila, Inc., supports all affected by Hurricane Sandy and the many earthquakes occurring all along the Pacific Tectonic Plate -- the Ring Of Fire -- by continually sending out its healing energies to all sentient beings in these affected areas. If you wish to donate to rescue efforts, use discernment in dealing with the agencies stepping up to render aid. Are they legit, or just scamming you again? If you are caught in one of these affected areas and are going stir-crazy waiting for rescuers, try to carve out a few moments to meditate and pull your heart-mind together so you can make every choice you make in the moment count towards getting you out of your present situation. Yeah, it might sound crazy to think of meditating, but if you have the ability to do so, then it would be precious moments well devoted to your situation. You are your own Light at the end of that dark tunnel: BE all that you are and, like the Lotus, rise above the murky darkness of confusion and fear.

Here are a couple of PDFs from the Kundalini Research Institute that you can upload that have great tips for handling stress and crisis in your life. NAMASTE' ... GASSHO ... SAT NAM ... ALOHA E MALAMA PONO KAKOU!

Crisis Kit:

Stress Relief:

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