Saturday, November 17, 2012

2012: Evolution of Humanity

~☜❤☞~  I AM FREE ~ I AM ME ~ I AM LOVE ~ I AM LIGHT ~ I AM THAT I AM  ~☜❤☞~

As I manifest all that I need through Love,
I allow this manifestation for others.
I am Wisdom,
I am Love,
I Am all that I Am.

Your Diamond Core God Cell is now integrating more and more God Light, which activates and increases the power of the Rays of God Consciousness within your Sacred Heart Core. This process is programmed within your Divine 8-cell DNA Monadic Blueprint.  By this time, November 2012, your cells have begun to respond to the Light as their main source of energy. This is the major reason aspirants on the Path often radically change their diets to less dense food, for their physical and emotional bodies are being saturated with Adamantine Particles of Light --- the food of the gods.

As you move deeper and deeper into the realms of refined Light, the physical senses may become enhanced, and your awareness of colors and sound will increase. The magnification of the physical senses means the cells within your Auric Field are beginning the task of clearing the dense, restrictive energy that has built up over many thousands of years. The foggy prison that has dulled the senses and has kept humanity in bondage is gradually being bathed in Light cells, which will result in the Auric Field becoming more radiant as more and more Souls awaken to the Divine potential within. The physical body must gradually be reintroduced to the transformative effects of the Living Light in order to reclaim the original Light Body form that was designed for all humanity.  This is why you might be feeling various physical symptoms of discomfort ... headaches, nausea, sleeplessness, muscle cramps, neck pain, back pain, loss of appetite and/or radical changes in eating habits ... what you might be hearing described as "ascension symptoms".

In short, there is nothing happening to you from this increased exposure to Light that is a cause for fear or anxiety.  You are changing with everything else living on this planet.  You are evolving ... and the difference in 2012 is that you don't have to physically die to experience your own evolution!  The massive scale of this evolution is what makes 2012 a miraculous year, and you are going to be a living witness to the entire process.

May all Sentient Beings have the courage to look Within themselves. 

May we open our Hearts 
Shining the Light of Love 
May we have the Courage to step into that Light and 
Embrace whatever we find ...
Letting it rise to the surface
Freed by the act of Loving Kindness.

~☜❤☞~ ALOHA AU IA OE ... I LOVE YOU ~☜❤☞~

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