Sunday, March 25, 2012

Welcome Into The 4th Dimension!

We are have stepped now through the GATEWAY to immense happenings on the inner planes of this Planet, and ourselves.

We have stepped over the gateway, where there is NO RETURN!

We cannot return to the old lifestyles, the old ways of BEINGanymore... we are stepping into the NEW and some of us HAVE ALREADY STEPPED THROUGH THIS GATEWAY AND NOW HAVE TO ASSIST THE OTHERS!

Get ready to let go... let go... and even more letting go.. for this is the time for EXPANSION...

Not only is the Earth expanding on itself, so that it can be healed... but so we are... and with it the unknown and unexplored pathways are revealing themselves to those of us who are ready and awake...

This is the time when the Ancient Prophecies will be realized... when it was said that those who will have to eyes and ears to see and hear and FOLLOW the call, will be exalted!

The Ancient Language, when starting to be understood in the language and thoughts of today.... merely meant an EXALTED or EXPANDED way of LIVING LIFE.... a different way of SEEING, EXPERIENCING AND SIMPLY BEING!

When stepping through this gateway the old ways have to go... the old clogged up and blocked parts - so the we truly are renewed, body, mind, spirit and soul!

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