Thursday, March 29, 2012


Man will again enjoy the senses and connect again to God, Soul and Earth. The true trinity. The love of the Mother, the Father and OneSelf.

It is Light you asked for and Light it will be to light your way back to yourSelf and back to the Source Of All Life on Earth and on other worlds, those seen and unseen, still there waiting upon the arrival of not just a few, but of many.

We see a time of a great awakening from a sleep of discord, a sleep of deception and a sleep never more to be for those whom accept the truth of themSelves and accept the offer of a life renewed and energized by the Light and the Love that flows eternal, that flows from another realm to your realm of darkness.

It is we who come with the Light, it is we who renew the gifts of Spirit, it is we who continue to walk upon our Earth so as to reap the harvest, to reap a harvest of Love once denied, but now fulfilled in the moment.

That moment is now. Now, has been the time, will be the time and is the time of harvest. For the Light is now ripe and ready to fall from the Tree. The Tree of Life, that eternal tree that bears the fruits of Mankind's efforts and accomplishments. Now, this fruit comes to your table to be savoured and enjoyed.

This is not the fruit of knowledge, but the fruits of wisdom grown over the march of time, grown with a purpose to give nutrients to those seekers who have found their way here today.

Yes, this is a gift, a gift for all that will give strength and longevity. The fruits of the labours of many who have served the Good for countless centuries waiting upon this day when the Will of Heaven is fulfilled upon the Earth.

Light and the waters of Spirit have allowed and encouraged the growth and fruition and now is the time to share in the harvest.

Now is the time. Not yesterday and not tomorrow, but now is the time of harvest and has always been the time of the coming of redemption and salvation.

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