Tuesday, July 19, 2011

View from The Crest of The Wave

Take a comprehensive, good look at the foundation principles upon which you have built your present belief system. Have you changed them lately? Have you looked to see if they are valid for you any longer? Your foundation principles include people, or spirits, or Ascended Masters, or even spiritual practices that you have felt connected to in a special way for a long time that may have changed and require a closer look. Are there other foundation principles that move in to take their place? They were part of your “foundation” – folks, spirits, practices you relied upon for mentoring, teaching, growing - and now you have gained your own strength. You are now your own teacher, guide, mentor. You no longer need to “look up” to someone or something other than yourself. You can now see that we are all on the same path learning, growing, changing doing what is the highest good for our own sovereign journey into this new reality we are creating. As you head toward the Cosmic Convergence this October, it behooves you to take a look this July at what The Shift of June has created for you personally. Many of us have gone through quite a few changes or events or experiences, that have far reaching impacts on how we view ourselves and the world.


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  1. A most beautiful post, my sister! Thank you for sharing yourself with all at the Halau!