Thursday, July 21, 2011

Meditation: The Lesson of Rainbows - Transformation

O ka 'onohi ula o ka lani ko inoa ... The rainbow of heaven is your name.

‎"The rainbow is made in the sky out of a dripping cloud" says Western scientist Francis Bacon. Clouds and rainbows are inseparable; you cannot have one without the other. Clouds refract light into rainbows which act as pathways to the heavens of elevated consciousness and enlightenment. Clouds can also act to scatter light upon shadows of ignorance and lack of understanding. It is the shadowy side of your nature that is transformed by the rainbow.

Thus is the message:

Shine light upon any parts of yourself that interfere with your ability to express unity and wholeness. By doing so, you will be able to see things more clearly. In order to move on to new realms of existence, you need to allow the shadow of your subconscious fears to fade. By shining light on every part of your psyche, you will be able to overcome any obstacle. The rainbow reminds us of the presence of light during stormy times. It promises that if you shine brightly as you undergo transformation, your pot of gold will find you.

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