Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Developing Spirit Greatness

It is never too soon to begin developing the spirit.

However, there are instructors who disagree with that approach. Their belief is that matters of the spirit are not teachable and that it is a waste of time to devote any part of your study to anything other than technical proficiency. In one sense, that view is correct. The development of the spirit is an ongoing, personal experience.

A teacher may lead the way by his or her example but there is very little they can do to actually "teach" spirit. But, if one day you wish to have a large, beautiful pine tree as the center-piece of your garden you do not wait until you are old to plant the seed. The seed must be planted early and the tree nurtured over the years if it is to be truly grand at the end of your life. The same can be said of the development of the spirit.

What makes healing with Reiki so special?  Nothing, really, because Reiki is only one pathway among many we travel through life. Truth, Goodness and Beauty, however, are by no means exclusive to the practice of Reiki. These qualities have been an integral part of every culture throughout history and are fundamental to the creation of our arts, philosophy, and religious activities.

So, why do most great masters impress upon their students the relationship between spiritual development and practice?  Because it is an excellent vehicle for the study of the human character and condition, and it works well in concert with all of life's other spiritual paths. Everyone that watches an accomplished practitioner is struck by the simplicity of the act of giving Reiki, and it is easy to imagine that the same thing goes through their mind as went through ours upon seeing Reiki for the first time: That there doesn't appear to be much going on.

Ah, but therein lies the beautiful paradox ...

Come join us and learn about our Healing Spirit of Aloha!  Malama pono kakou!

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