Monday, April 11, 2011

The Nature of The Way It Is ...

Who and what are you?
What is the nature of physical reality?
Are you your mind?
Are you your body?
Are you your thoughts?

Who and what are you?

Aloha kakou e komo mai!  I am talking about the nature of physical reality and ancient Hawaiian spirituality.

Who and what are you?

What you are is a vast energy.  The entire universe is a vast energy system.  You have this vehicle called a Body.  You have this biocomputer called your Mind.  You think thoughts.  You move through life.  The main emphasis of the Hawaiian tradition is changing your point of creation -- changing that point of creation from your mind to your Spirit.

When you make that change, you become the powerful, magical Creator of your existence ... You open yourself up to the endless, limitless possibilities that really exist, rather than limiting yourself ... being small ... being that which you are not.

The Universe is an absolutely safe place:  there are no sharp corners.  Yes, your body can be bent, folded and mutilated, but you are not your body!  What you are is this:  You are spiritual energy that is eternal, immortal and infinite.  You are uhane nui 'au ... Spirit Greatness.

As you learn to align yourself with that energy, anything -- absolutely anything -- becomes possible. All of your limitations, absolutely all of your limitations, originate in your mind.  All of our limitations are based on our filter system:  our beliefs; our agreements; our assumptions.  Change those and you change your experience.

In ancient Hawaiian spirituality, the kanaka maoli knew how powerful the Word was:  they knew that words were spiritual entities.  Originally, the Hawaiians spoke very few words because they knew that their words created their reality.

Your thoughts create:  whatever you focus your attention on, you get more of, e.g., focus your attention on fear, then you create more fear.  Focus your attention on love and on expansion, and you will create more love and expansion around you.

When I originally began my training, my path as a Healer, I was introduced to a fear-based Universe.  Something about the nature of that fear did not make sense to me.  Part of my invitation to complete my training as a healer was to go forth and explore the Universe's energies for myself.  And, as I explored the Universe, what I experienced beyond my fear was this energy of creation that was unconditionally loving, accepting and expansive.

The only answer the Universe has to any of our requests is Yes.

Problems arise because we send our requests out based on our filter system, rather than on Spirit.  So, as we begin to shift our allegiance -- as we begin to move our mind to our spirit, our lives change.  We become aware of the fact that we are magicians, that we can create anything we look to.

Absolutely anything is possible!

If you take a closer look and study about the Ascended Masters, Angels and Saints, and especially examine the lives of the Saints, you acquaint yourself with people that believe very strongly in Jesus and in the Catholic tradition, yet they were able to bi-locate; they were able to levitate, and they were able to perform tremendous healings, because of their tremendous connection with their Spirit.

There are three masteries:

ONE - Awareness;
TWO - Transformation, and
THREE - An Intent.

Awareness.   The more you deepen your awareness that what you are is a spiritual being ... that you are limitless, infinite, eternal and immortal ... the more you expand that awareness, the more incredible your life becomes.

Intent.   When your intent begins to shift your point of creation from your mind to your spirit and you use all the tools of Transformation to do that, it is amazing how different your life becomes.

Transformation.   Clouds just drift across the sky ... they neither resist, nor fight.  They just float.  They expand.  They contract.  They have very little substance if you should try to touch one.  And yet, clouds play an integral part in the ecology of this planet.

You are the energy in a relationship much like the clouds.  Without you, the Universe would be incomplete.  As you align yourself with that energy, time, money, health, relationships, love -- all these things -- you begin to realize that your Life is your Creation.

Your life is like a beautiful painting where you can change the colors, change the scenery ... change everything very much like an amusement park, or a multiplex theatre.  We get tickets, we can go on any of the rides or attend any of the shows.  We can see so many different stories.  The thing that we forget is that we can change what rides or shows are playing at any given time.  But, you are absolutely free.  You are limitless energy.  As you begin to let go of the thoughts that say otherwise, you will begin to experience freedom.  You will begin to embrace some of the ideas; explore with curiosity; play.

Allow for the possibility that you are not your thoughts, you are not your beliefs, you are not your agreements.  You are not your assumptions.  What you are is the energy that drives it all.

If you constantly broadcast fear, but expect to live a life free of fear, then you will be disappointed with your limitations.  You will be disappointed with the limitations you perceive.

But, as you begin to re-train your mind so that what you broadcast is that awareness ... that realization ... that you are that spiritual entity ... magic and miracles will occur.

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