Thursday, April 21, 2011

Na 'Oli: The Aloha Spirit - Defined

Akahai e na Hawai’i
Kindness to be expressed with Tenderness

Lokahi a kulike
Unity to be expressed with Harmony

‘Olu’olu ka mana’o
Pleasant are your Thoughts

Ha’aha’a kou kulana
Humility to be expressed with Modesty

Ahonui a lanakila
Patience to be expressed with Perseverance

Aloha means the Breath ("alo") of Life ("ha").  It is such a cornerstone spiritual paradigm of the kanaka maoli that the State of Hawai'i codified the meaning of Aloha as a standard of conduct to be adhered to within the state!

In Hawai'i, you just don't talk Aloha ... it's all about hele ka 'olelo ... walking your talk.  Think about that one next time you flippantly say, "Aloha!," and think you're being Hawaiian in your slippahs and flower shirt with a flower tucked behind your ear.

Do you mean to exchange your breath of life with another?  

Just how authentic are you?

Aloha pumehana e malama pono kakou!

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