Saturday, April 2, 2011

Angelic Healing For You and Planet Earth

If you are reading this message, you have been called to do something extra-ordinary. I recognise special qualities in you. You have been selected and are invited to receive powerful positive spiritual energies, and to help circulate these around the world. The energies will help the planet. All who participate will be rewarded and be suitably blessed.


We have asked everyone who has seen this blog previously to fill it with positive energies, for you and others to share. There are two simple steps – giving and receiving.

Firstly, look at the golden ball and the picture of the earth below. With your mind, ask that both the golden ball, and the whole earth, be filled with whatever qualities you would like to send, for the highest good of all people and the world. You can send love, healing, peace, patience, forgiveness, strength, courage, miracles, fun, joy, laughter – any qualities you like. What qualities would you most like to send to everyone and the world?

Simply ask that these be added, to everyone else's wishes, then look at the pictures and send your selected qualities and best wishes to everyone and the world. Pretend that just by looking at the world, and the golden ball, and by sending these good wishes, that everyone who sees this ball, and the world, will receive these qualities. Take a few moments to say a prayer for yourself, others, and the world. Prayers are powerful things!

Now look away for a second, to end your prayer and transmission.

It is now time for you to RECEIVE the energies. Look at the golden ball again for 30 seconds. Allow yourself to receive the transmission of prayers, best wishes and energies from everyone else. Enjoy this. You may receive this consciously, and feel the energies right away, or at an unconscious, soul level, but these will produce positive shifts in your life.

RECEIVE for 30 seconds ...

Thank you and you're welcome. You've just given and received positive energies for the world.
In a moment, we're going to ask you to make a wish....(keep reading – nearly there!)

We would also like to invite you to be part of a special meditation designed to bring powerful and beneficial higher energies to the earth, for the good of all. We have been asked by the angels to get 11,000 people to join in this meditation. Eleven is the number of transformation. The energies created by 11,000 people all sharing the meditation on the same day will be enormous, and will send a powerful wave of light around the planet, which will help everyone and everything upon the earth. All who participate will also receive the higher energies and blessings. The meditation takes place on April 7th – 07.04.11 Four plus seven makes 11, the number of transformation and magic. So 07.04.11 is 11 ; 11 - double eleven, a doubly auspicious day for this work.  (Can you imagine the power of 11,000 people all doing the same meditation on the same day?)


Say a prayer, or make a wish.  That's it.  What could be more wonderful?

Forward this to at least 5-10 people (or more) – the angels will grant you one miracle for every person that you send this too, as thanks for helping to spread the divine energies – so the more people you send it to, the more you will be rewarded! Share these positive energies with your friends.  If you do, the angels promise you will be DOUBLY rewarded, as gratitude for your commitment and willingness to help the world.

Thank you for being a part of this movement to spread healing and positive energies to the world.
Namaste and bless you!

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