Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Na 'Oli: Ho'oponopono - Ritual for Making It Right

This was the topic for my February 8, 2010, show, "Da Morning Malasada," on my BlogTalkRadio show called Da Coconut Wireless ... check out that show to get the full flavor and effect of my message, below.


Although the philosophy of Living Aloha is simple to follow, the ancients knew that eventually, problems would arise that would need to be resolved. Hence, came ho'oponopono, the way to make things right again, because what is entangled can be made right again through righteous action.

This ancient problem-solving method was used in the family when illness or trouble threatened the harmony and unity of the family unit. Today, the ritual is used by individuals, social workers and businesses. Even local police stations in Hawai'i use this method! Morrnah K. Simeona, the late Hawaiian elder and teacher, taught ho'oponopono across the country and even presented it at the United Nations. The traditional process is begun by a family member who asks the family to gather. An elder presides over the session, which begins with a prayer and ends with a prayer and a feast. It can take hours or days and works best when everyone speaks in a spirit of truth and openness. The ritual is, as follows:

Prayer (pule ho'oimua)
Identifying the problem (kukulu kumuhana)
Stating the transgression (hala)
Discussion (mahiki)
Identifying the negative entanglement (hihia)
Sharing of feelings (mana'o)
Confession (mihi)
Release the problem (kala)
Cutting off the problem (oki)
Summary and reaffirmation of bonds (pani)
Closing prayer (pule ho'opau)

Opening Prayer - PULE HO'OIMUA

Wise Ones of all Nations,
Answer our prayers.
Teach us to go within
And know that the wisdom,
the answers,
are already within each of us.

Affirmations (spoken at Pani stage)

Aloha au ia oe
Noi e kala 'ia, ho'okamakamaka
Kala mai ia'a
Ho'omaika'i, mahalo ...

I love you
Please forgive me
I am sorry
I thank you.

Closing Prayer - PULE HO'OPAU

O, great eyeball of the sun,
Please take all this bundle of wrongdoing.
Take it out to the West with you.
And, as you go down again, to your rest,
Please take all the faults and trespasses that were committed.
Lay all of this in the depth of the sea,
never more to come back.


Next time there is a break in Lokahi, unity, within your 'Ohana ... either at work, or at home ... practice Ho'oponopono to repair the holes in your Nets and remind you all of the ties that bind us together as One 'Ohana --practice Aloha, unconditional love, every day and be safe, be happy, be healthy and live in peace!

E ku i ka mana kakou,


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