Sunday, May 18, 2014

I Ching For The Week of May 19, 2014

#10 - Lü:  Mating with the Tiger

Above:   Qian/Gan --  Heaven; energy, Spirit power
Below:    Dui  -- Open: easy, responsive
The Wisdom:
The heavens are sounding
Slow down so you can hear
Between each step is a pause
In that pause life resides

It is in the tiger’s cave where spirit mates with man. For you at this time be aware that all of your small accomplishments have led you to this point, the point of making the trek up the mountain to make an offering. If your offering is correct and your approach is with dignity and humility, you mate with spirit. If your steps are too fast and you are rude, brash and do not adhere to the ancestral ways of good behavior, the tiger is no longer a guide, it is a fierce guardian of spirit, and that is very dangerous.

You have come to a crossroads where two paths meet. You are to make a choice. One path is hidden in shadow. Beyond the shadow, the path seems clear and promises guaranteed abundance. The other path is clear and enticing, however it promises nothing. There is no glimpse of success or conquest. This is the path that leads up the mountain of the tiger’s cave where spirit resides. This path though bright and clear is difficult and fraught with many challenges and is up the steep mountain.

This is a ritual journey that seems, at its core, to be very familiar. Intercourse, spiritually, sexually and in commerce, must be treated with honor and great care. It is this intercourse that can bring you the focus and energy to accomplish your goals, if your behavior is honorable.  You have chosen your life path before and did well, but this time much more is at stake and if you follow the shadow path, as your ego would prompt you to do, you may make it to your goal unscathed on the outside, the way you are seen by others. They will praise and honor you. While on the inner plane, spirit will have not allowed you into the mating cave and you will have much, but feel empty and unable to connect with your spirit force, the force of joy and love.

Your companions on this journey are of utmost importance, for you cannot do this alone. Choose well and hold them close. This is not the time to try to lift people up to your level, whether in business, social interactions, or in your personal relationships. Be kind, loving, and compassionate for sure, but be cautious as to who is rolling with you at this very important juncture on your path. Giving your power away at this time will be disastrous.

It is now of great importance to travel with persons of like desires and goals for the greater good for all. For us as individuals, and for us as children of Gaia, we must demonstrate to her nature the respect and care that is her due. This will bring light to the path and will please Spirit and the ancestors who are always there as guides and angels. The tiger on your path also sees this and protects you and will not bring harm to you, your relationships, family or tribe.

Relationships can be difficult at this time. Nurture them with loving care, fierce honesty and great dignity. Do not stoop to petty arguments that spin and spin and go nowhere. It will be of great benefit to find the loving silence that can be a salve to many wounds acquired on this road less travelled.  You know how it should look and feel and you can make it that way. This is fully in your power to do…become the loving heart, and the soulful companion to friends, associates and lovers. In this way you will find what you have been looking and hoping for…actions that feed the best in others and in yourself.

It is important during this process of personal growth, and in your desire for change for the greater good, that you treat others who come through your life, no matter what position or attitude they may hold, with respect and kindness. It is vital to understand that the way you are in the world is your soul’s reflection. If your interactions with others are tinged with mean spiritedness, disrespect, or harshness, that negativity will stick to your energy field; it will be an energetic dark fog that can be felt by all you interact with, be it family members, friends, associates, or strangers. This energy repels the good and attracts more of its own kind of negativity. In short, you will attract exactly what you project. Should you have a buildup of negativity held in place by improper conduct, you will become blinded to your true path of learning, seeing, and living your truth.

In essence these words are saying that if you are not fully aware as you conduct your daily life, and have your head in the clouds as you step into the road in front of an oncoming bus or as you climb the mountain and miss your foothold, you will be part of a negative whole that is eating away at the world’s peoples. By being aware and showing kindness to your companions, you will not slip or fall, you will be warned, supported and loved as you move into the space of satisfactory conclusion. This action that begins with you will spread as a beacon of light to all of earth’s people and will bring hope to others who are trapped in a darkness of their own making.

The simple good manners that we should have learned as young people, such as the words please, excuse me, and thank you, carry a lot of weight as we move through our days, as does the respect for elders, whether they are different from you or in a different strata of society.

Look scrupulously to your inner conduct: If you find jealousy, greed, or envy in your thoughts, do your best to become aware of this mental projection. Correct it and let it go (including the feelings of guilt that may have arisen for having had this “bad” thought). Jealousy breeds more jealousy, judgment breeds more judgment, just as kindness breeds more kindness.

The words you think are more powerful than the words you say. See the negative words and change them on the spot. This action, as simple as it seems, has an enormous impact and will feed you in a very deep and positive way.

It is the magic of good manners and proper conduct that can open the doors to love, health, and abundance. This kind of correct behavior will bring joy to you and to those around you. Joy nourishes creativity. The joining of joy and creativity brings a deeply felt satisfaction that is a healing balm to your heart and soul, opening the doorway to prosperity in all things.

New and glorious relationships can be seen on the horizon. Be open and trusting of heart. When you see the reflection of truth, know that you are loved.

If you love, speak of love; if you are grateful, speak words of gratitude; if you are in need, ask for assistance with grace and no expectations.

This week, make kindness, compassion, and good manners your exercise. When you do, you will reap swift results. And never forget: We are all on this boat together.

Peace and many blessings


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