Saturday, June 2, 2012


Please note that reading this information will have an effect on you. You will energetically be linked with the Channeling Being and a similar process facilitated with you, which is just as powerful. Do not concern yourself too much regarding time lines given to the participants in the live channeling. You will be taken through a similar one in accordance with your Divine Plan, Timing & Purpose.

Good morning Mother/Father God, Masters, and Angels. Mother Moon, Father Sun, and the planets that work with me and through me.

I align my consciousness with Mother/Father God and the New Grid of Higher Consciousness of our New World.

I ask that I be protected, guided, inspired, and motivated by the Highest Orders of wisdom, love, truth, knowledge and grace.

I set the intention that my consciousness remains perfectly aligned with the Higher Sources of creative power, unconditional love, and expanded awareness, showing me the light, which is also truth and love. I also set the intention that I be aware of my definition of love and that I am able to experience and express the powerful life quality of light reflecting light in all relationships in every level and in every way.

I ask that Mother/Father God guide me, protect me, and reveal to me everything I need to do in every moment so as to ensure my continuous journey of illumination and enlightenment and that they support my journey of greater self-knowledge and healing.

I open my heart and my mind, I open my spirit and my soul to receive the powerful forces of love, wisdom, truth, and light and allow these powerful forces to fill my being.

I surrender all my concerns, my fear and whatever it is I am struggling with to this powerful energy now gracing me.

I give permission to the sacred Elohim of Grace, Power, and Unconditional Love to merge their energy with my energy field.

I call to the Almighty I AM Presence of All that Is purity, positivity, perseverance, and positive power, and I set the intention that this energy be one with my energy field at all times.

I invite the Almighty Archangels of the Light and Solar Archangels to align their energy with mine, and I ask for their protection and give them permission to serve alongside me, to guide, direct, inspire, and motivate me to rise above my past life and remain centered and focused as I start from scratch within this new life I have chosen, igniting the memories which unlock the Time Code within which shall bring forth the opportunities of release I AM ready to face and move through.

I call to my Guardian Angel and ask that all channels of communication between my Guardian Angel and I be cleared of all negative, inhibiting, and self-sabotaging filters that come from my past life, the life I have just left behind. As I step into this new body of energy, I expect accelerated changes in my life as a further dismantling of everything that causes restriction and suppression around me occurs.

I invoke the full essence, presence, and power of my Authentic Light Self and give this part of myself full permission to merge with my unconscious, subconscious, and conscious selves.

I give all these aspects of power and light, which I have called for, permission to reveal to me in anyway whatsoever under grace, in perfect, harmonious, and miraculous ways whatever it is I need to release from my past life which has followed me into this new journey in the form of memories so that I may start from scratch with a fresh, wholesome, empowered, and positive perspective.

I open my being and call forth the almighty power of the greatest forces of light, love, truth, and wisdom existing within myself and within the realms of Heaven, and I bring this energy into my being and ask it to be one with me. I harness this energy and I utilize it to motivate and encourage every motivation I have.

I invoke the presence of my Soul Guardian Angel, my Guardian Angel, and Healing Angel. I invoke the presence of my fully Mastered Self, my Authentic Self, my Christed Self of the light, and my almighty I AM Presence.

I ask that Spirit, my Guardian Angels, and my higher selves guide my thoughts, my words, and my actions, assisting me to embrace my inner light and work with it now and assisting me with courage, patience, discipline, and perseverance as part of the actions I am required to take.

I also ask that Spirit, my Guardian Angels, and my higher selves please strengthen my will to interact with others and to do so with confidence and ease. I ask that I be guided to speak clearly and with ease.

Please help ensure that I only experience that which is accordance with the highest will of my divine plan, the greater good of my soul, my life, and all concerned. Assist me in sensing within myself whether it is a part of a lesson I have to learn in terms of strengthening my courage, ability to set a boundary, or if it is truly something not in my best interests or for the higher good of all concerned.

Mother Earth, please ground me so that I may manifest all my needs as met.

Time, please support me and move to the rhythm of my heart so that I may complete all of that which is in accordance with the highest will of my soul and the will of the divine plan of my life.



Lady Mary requests that you recite her prayer daily, and especially through the changes occurring in 2012.  Call upon Lady Mary for assistance by evoking her presence through her prayer.

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