Sunday, June 3, 2012


Master Kuthumi has given this meditation and healing intent to each of you as individuals - and to the Planet. The purpose is to promote both inner and universal healing and peace leading to Oneness and World Peace.

You are welcome to download this meditation to share.

As above - So below.

Using mass energy to both heal and to give love, will create peace and Oneness on Earth.

You can make a difference in obtaining World Peace. It is time for mankind to come together as one people, with a common goal – World Peace.

The process of the intent is obtained in two parts. The first part is yourself – in healing your own heart centre. Through this process you can obtain great inner peace and connectedness with all creation.

The second part is in sharing your healing and inner peace with mother Earth, and with all inhabitants of Earth. This will initiate World Peace.

Master Kuthumi asks you join together in the Emerald Heart Meditation at 7am on the 1st day of every month. This time is no matter where you live on Earth. It will merely maintain a continual flow of healing energy, with the intent of Oneness, for the entire day.

This mass energy can and will have a profound effect on all of you, as well as Mother Earth. Master Kuthumi asks you give copies of this healing meditation to as many others as you can.

Join the Ascended Masters, Arch Angels, and guides, and other souls in The Emerald Heart Meditation in creating World Peace.


The Emerald Heart Meditation

Settle yourself comfortably in your own quiet area, breathe in deeply through your nose, completely filling your lungs with air, and release your breath slowly through your mouth.

Repeat this once more, breathing in deeply and releasing slowly through the mouth.

Begin to feel your outer bodies shifting and re-aligning.

Repeat one final time, again completely filling your lungs with air.

Invite the Angels of healing to join you in Light.

Breathing quietly now, take time to relax your entire physical body – your legs, torso, arms and hands, and your facial muscles. Be aware of releasing any lingering thoughts from your mind.

Feel yourself entering a deep, peaceful state of complete relaxation, as you become aware of connecting to a higher consciousness.

Now visualize a door in front of your heart centre. See yourself opening the door wide.

Taking the universal healing ray of Emerald Green, feel it filling your heart centre, healing and clearing as it does so.

Ask that any old cords and hurts which no-longer serve your Highest Good, be transmuted in the Emerald Ray.

Feel your heart centre being filled with love and a gentle peace.

Feel at one with all creation, at one with God, the Source.

Now take the healing Emerald Ray and offer it to loved ones, and friends around you.

Offer this as unconditional healing and cleansing to them. Offer this freely.

Now, see the beautiful white Dove of Peace flying towards you.

Feel the Divine energy emanating from the dove.

From your heart centre, visualize a ribbon of the Emerald Ray.

Give this healing Emerald Ray ribbon to the Dove of Peace.

Visualize the dove wrapping the ribbon of the Emerald Ray around Mother Earth.

See the Emerald Ray now spreading outward to completely surround and heal all living energies on Earth.

Once more, connect to a great inner peace and love within you, and to the great Oneness of all.

Feel connected to all, the wondrous energies of our Universe.

Feel healed - feel at peace.

Now using the Emerald Ray as a cloak, wrap it around yourself, feeling loved, feeling secure.


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