Saturday, October 8, 2011

OCCUPY EUROPE - U.S. Blamed For Euro Failure

Political unrest is sweeping the Planet ... and Illusion continues to work hard to divide and conquer. These days will soon come to a head ... may the Revolution be a peaceful one!

The end to the nightmare is almost here. This channeled message from the Galactic Federation goes over the upcoming socio-economic changes evolving now that are about to be unveiled to the citizens of this Planet in the next few days.  For me, I say, "Hurry up, already!  I wanna Go Home now, please!"

Am I crazy?  Maybe ... but, then again, can YOU explain all the funky changes happening in your mundane life right now?? And,  will you still say I'm crazy for telling you all these details after the Galactic Federation ships land en masse and offboard to greet us?  Or, will you still remain asleep and miss all the Glory of the ascension of the human race into the Fifth Dimension??

Hhhmm ... I think YOU are the crazy one for not allowing your Mind to open.  What are you afraid of Knowing?

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