Monday, October 17, 2011

The Great Work Is To Know Thyself - St. Germaine's Seven Keys To Ascension Human!

Seven Keys of Ascension Human!

Greetings in the vibration of the Violet Flame to the disciples in the Divine Unity of God the Father!

Sacred children of light, when you restart the resumption of the search path of redemption of the Sacred, from the lineage of which are connected, one has to consider some aspects.

The consecration of the Divine I Am Presence Atma Universal puts them in the original cosmic vibration of the realignment.

Naturally attracted by forces are contained in their molecules to etheric spiritual predecessors, the vibrations are not always aligned with yours.

Differences arising from the evolutionary development along this line or that cosmic results in different experiences, whose mastery is more prominent in one of seven key human ascension.

Learning the 7 Keys of coexistence, requires anyone planning to gather this energy harmonically, a hypertrophy in the use of the violet flame.

The conflicts that could arise from any dispute should be a fundamental need for balance and harmony, to anchor the transformation that converges to the harmony of the purposes that guide your core activities.

The illusion of matter puts them in situations where the difference is highlighted. However, know that the peaceful coexistence of the differences is that the increases in the mass market of energy dense blocks.

These blocks produced eons ago by the blind minds in possession of raw power, ignorant of the divine purpose governing that activity or that policy.

Occupy a throne without awareness of what the Hierarchies expect this rule results in a mere illusion of those who go beyond all bounds of harmony to prevail.

Transmute is essentially to look beyond the transitory that matter can offer them.

Gather purposes, strengths and intentions in favor of human development, ignoring the pleas of the ego that demands the spotlight for himself, is, for the Hierarchies posture that it is properly aligned with the purposes of God's disciples.

Service is the word that prevails in those who truly give themselves to light, without any hopes of reward, indeed they are aware that their first commitment is to you, when you took this role, then with the hierarchies that govern it.

In this step, the recovery of the sacred lineage of each, depends solely on this consciousness of servitude to God, efforts to silence the ego and humility to interact with the forces horizontally and hierarchies of Planet Earth.

Realigned to better serve God's will and purpose of the Masters is that they may be offered.
Igniting the soul that asks for more light, as it rises towards the heavens!

I am Saint Germain

Channeling Elisangela Isis at 10/16/2011

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