Monday, April 8, 2013


Sunday is represented by the Blue Flame which possesses crystal-clear radiation. This ray carries the Light of Knowledge as well as the energy of the Divine qualities of Faith, Strength, Power, Protection, and Sweet God's Will.

Invocation for Sunday

"Beloved Presence of God, I AM in my heart, I love Thee and adore Thee. I invoke THY BLUE FLAME to blaze through me, making only Thy Sweet Will manifest in everything I do. I am aware that within me there is a Divine Plan for myself together with the possibilities and ways for it to be manifested externally.

I Am Faith in the almightiness of God which is ruling me, protecting me, enlightening me, healing me, supplying me, supporting me and doing everything that should be ever done for myself. All that uplifts and connects, that liberates and leads the consciousness to God is good, it is God's Sweet Will. I do not need any occult exercises or outside councilors, the life which moves my heart knows what is good.

Everything that gives release and liberation from shackles, is Divine." 



The Blue Ray is the first Ray of light. The energy of this Flame is the first and final synthesis, the source of all the other energies. The Blue Flame is in the core of the very strength and energy. The first Ray is represented in the power of intent, cause, direction, centralization and unity, and its keynote is will - Divine Will. The basic qualities of the Blue Flame are manifested through the energies of power, strength, faith and protection.

The Blue Flame Invocations should be performed on Sunday, since this is the day when the irradiation of this Ray is especially dominant. Its most prominent representative is Archangel Michael, whose magnificent appearance and presence has been preserved in the humanity's outer consciousness, if only, unfortunately, at its periphery.

Archangel Michael is the leader of all Archangels and Angels. With His blue flaming sword, Archangel Michael can free you from your bad karma, negative energy and restraints that bind you to other people, situations and memories from the past. He can give you strength, power and protection from the devastating thoughts, feeling and deed of others. Each day, Archangel Michael resides in the Astral kingdom of the lower regions for about 22 hours, where He disperses hatred, envy and fear. In this task He is being aided by a legion of Angels of the blue flaming sword.

If somebody is sending you negative thoughts or thoughts that confront your own will, your strength is going to weaken and this can undermine your success in life. Kindly ask Archangel Michael to stand between you and the sender of those negative thoughts, and to protect you. That is the way to turn the negative into positive. Archangel Michael will make you braver and more resolute, so that you can resolve you problems more easily. He will strengthen the will of God in you, as well as the power of faith. Both of these qualities will feed your inner strength, and your motivation is going to become noble and selfless.

Encompass yourself with the sky-blue light - the color of Archangel Michael and the ancient color of the Blue Flame. Let the Blue Ray heal you, increase your self-respect, strength and energy, and let it protect you from all the negative things that come to you.

The female side of Archangel Michael's Divine nature is Faith.

Pray to Archangel Michael to be released from the emotional and other chains that bind you to other people or circumstances from the past. Pray so that you can be filled with love, and realize within yourself the power of Light. Feel this light in your heart and contribute to building a "bridge to freedom" on this path of Angels. In this endeavour you will get the help of Archangel Michael. Kindly ask Him for help while having faith in yourself, because "to him who knocks it will be opened". Ask him to send His ascended Angels of protection to embrace you and your loved ones, and all the constructive people of Earth. Ask Him to be released from all the thoughts that are not compatible with the untainted Divine plan for you. No Angel will come, no Angel will interfere, unless you ask Him/Her to come, as this is against the Law of Divine Love.

The representatives from the world of crystals for the Blue Ray (Blue Flame) are: light-blue sapphire, light-blue topaz and aquamarine. These crystals are connected to the Vishuddha chakra.

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